Coonster: Egg Up! 3D Bouncing Helix

Get ready to bounce your way up the top and take the trophy and be the most EGGCELLENT of them all. Coonster: Egg Up! 3D Bouncing Helix large

Share the game among family and friends and have a friendly competition as you pass it along. Coonster: Egg Up! 3D Bouncing Helix can be played by everyone and even kids will have fun trying to land the egg correctly. The mechanics and the user controls of the game are easily understood and it'll only need a few tries to get yourself acquainted with it.

Simple Yet Wonderfully Executed

Make your way up the helix tower as you bounce around and land the egg on rackets and power-ups. Challenge yourself as you make the impossible twists and turns happen by correctly timing the rhythm of the egg to the turning of the tower. Pass the time and have fun going through levels of Coonster: Egg Up! 3D Bouncing Helix. Race to the top and arrive at the finish line, reach the golden trophy and the EGGCELLENT greeting at the end. Try your best to complete the level as quickly as you can or by giving yourself handicaps by not using the power-ups. However, the way you play it, this game will surely help you pass time.

Highly Addictive Mechanics

Begin your run with the egg bouncing off the lowest racket, then make your way up by jumping from one platform to another. Keep in mind that you will be controlling the entire tower which looks like a slender pole with rackets attached to it and not the egg itself. The rackets are placed in a way that resembles the shape of a helix spiraling upwards. Press and hold your finger to start and when you swipe left, the pole and all of its attachments will move as it twists clockwise, and if you swipe right then it would rotate in the opposite direction. You should always remember that the egg does not change directions. It only goes up and down as it bounces but it would never move sideways.

Watch out and aim for the power-ups randomly placed on top of rackets that look like red trampolines. They give quite a boost up to the top and landing on to one after another can quickly finish the stage. But be careful as being too greedy will be your downfall as the speed of your flight up can make you miss your landing.

Incredibly Detailed

Take advantage of the full 3D models and their fluid animation of Coonster: Egg Up! 3D Bouncing Helix each time you twist and rotate the pole. The color scheme with the background, the helix, and the egg is easy on the eyes and not too bright and shiny to be distracting. There are no additional images or videos playing in the background to take your focus away from the game. Even the sound effects are limited only to chimes that go up a pitch with every successful landing, bouncing up a trampoline, and hitting a gem.

To sum it up, Coonster: Egg Up! 3D Bouncing Helix gives you a challenging game with simple mechanics that tests your timing and reflexes. So try it out now and see if you can make it to the top!